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Christina Helm

Christina Helm portrait

“I regard the desire to be loved and cared for as being an integral part of human nature throughout adult life.”

—John Bowlby

pronouns: she/her

While in my graduate studies in Human Services at Eastern Kentucky University, I discovered that there was a professional path for embracing my infinite curiosity about the role of love and relationships in human development. So, I shifted my focus to clinical work, and my rewarding experiences have reinforced this decision many times. This work has enriched my life in many ways! In recent years, I have found a particular enthusiasm for Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Sex Therapy. I find great efficacy in models that embrace love and connection as a fundamental human need and survival tool. It resonates in such an exciting way with what I have encountered in my work.

I enjoy working with different types of relationships, and my community-based work has prepared me well for addressing challenges in parent/child and sibling relationships. Clients have described me as being uniquely skilled at having hard conversations while balancing honesty with kindness and compassion. I value a practical, validating, and supportive approach to psychotherapy.

My practice is informed by the premise that (1) All humans have a fundamental need for meaningful connections to others; (2) People will thrive when they feel safe and have the right support; (3) We all have pain. The quality of our life and relationships depends on how well we manage our pain. I take a trauma-informed, attachment-focused approach, and draw from a number of modalities, including EFT with individuals and couples, mindfulness, person-centered, and cognitive-behavioral (CBT) therapies.

I am LGBTQ affirmative and welcome people of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship configurations, and lifestyles.

I acknowledge the realities of racism, embrace an anti-racist stance, and strive to be culturally sensitive and honoring of intersectional realties. I also recognize that this is a work in progress for all of us, and invite dialogue if I err. I have an ongoing commitment to educate myself in these areas.

I am currently meeting clients via telehealth but will be available for in-person services also later this year.

Education and Credentials

  • MA (Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling), 2007, Eastern Kentucky University
  • LCPC (Illinois Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor), #180-008075

To contact Christina, please call 847.425.1500, ext. 3, or email